Anthony and how moving to Cali made him Mopar or Nocar – Keep America Muscle
Anthony and how moving to Cali made him Mopar or Nocar

Anthony and how moving to Cali made him Mopar or Nocar

My first muscle car was my dad’s 1984 Cadillac Coupe Deville. He put a built 307 in it. Had the rear air ride suspension and all. Some of my favorite memories was in that vehicle. Learning how to drive in it. Taking it out, without a license, when my dad would be at work. Parking wasn’t a problem when having that large of a full metal vehicle. I definitely left some dings and dents on others car lol. Parking a boat like that in NY isn’t easy lol. I used to take that thing out racing at night with friends. Front and rear bench seats and red interior. The torque making it so easy to spin tires and who doesn’t like doing a burnout right. I've owned a couple cars and motorcycles in my life. 1998 Prelude SH, 1996 E36 Supercharged M3, 2001 CBR 929RR, 2004 CBR1000 , 2013 Hayabusa. All of which I built. So im no stranger to speed and fun cars. From driving with my boys down the Jackie Robinson parkway in NY, to the stretches of Road in Miami FL. But the only thing I missed was the feeling you get from having large amounts of torque.

So when I moved to Cali, I became a MOPAR fan. They offer the best of both worlds. Reliability and power. Within a 5 year span, had 4 brand new Mopars. 300S, Charger Scatpack, Widebody challenger Scatpack, and now Widebody challenger hellcat. Once feeling the power of a Mopar, you always want more. It never ends. Nothing more addicting than a fast car that’s fun to drive and looks great! You can go run a fast quarter mile and still drive home. Then take that same car on a road trip without a problem. How can you ask for anything more. But I love all muscle. Nothing like the sound, rumble and torque of American Muscle in any form!



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